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Provide the legal representation you need to start your business, draft bulletproof contracts, maintain legal compliance, secure trademarks and copyrights.




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You don’t have to have all the right words because we’re that good. No, we don’t read minds, but we excel in understanding your needs with little context. Leave the big words and heavy lifting to us. We help you start your business or nonprofit with ease.

Talbert Law Office is abundantly adept in anticipating your needs.


"I was so blessed to have a recommendation point me in the direction of Talbert Law Office. Meeting Ms. Talbert, although virtually due to the pandemic, was a very warm and comfortable experience as she asked questions to get a good grasp of what I was looking for. We were in constant contact during each step of the corporation formation. Upon completion, I was still blown away by how thorough her work was at the end. Talbert Law Office took a huge load of stress off of my back and completed the work by exceeding my expectations and setting up my business for success. I can’t wait to work with them again in the future. Ms. Talbert provided lots of confidence and assurance. I’m so excited to have been blessed to be supported by this law firm and I know that because of this experience, I will be successful!"

Danielle says: 


Ms. Talbert was very knowledgeable about the business starting process and provided me with great advice. She was also very encouraging and relatable. I would definitely come back in the future for further guidance. The information she provided helped me out tremendously.

Jashauna says: 

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I love seeing my community succeed in all facets, but particularly in business. Statistics prove that entrepreneurship is the primary source of wealth creation. So, it’s incredibly gratifying to serve in a capacity that helps my clients toward that goal, ultimately providing access to exclusive levels of freedom and opportunity.

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